Office of Quality Management

Botho University established the Office of Quality Management with a mandate to plan and implement an effective organizational quality control and assurance system for university operations. The operational frameworks should ensure internal standards and regulatory requirements adhered to. The approach of quality management at Botho University is inline with national and international practices and core emphasis on continuous improvement. The key principle of university quality is self-evaluation which in turn leads to internal and external reviews/ audits of university operation such as learning, teaching, research and all other support services. The responsibility of quality management and monitoring of the university lies within the Internal Quality Assurance Department (IQAD) and ancillary services for learning, teaching and research lies within Library, Teaching and Research Excellence Department (LTRE).



Internal Quality Assurance Department (IQAD)

The Internal Quality Assurance Department (IQAD) was established with the goal of establishing, implementing, maintaining and enhancing the University's quality management system. The quality management system adopted by Botho University seeks to enhance stakeholder satisfaction by formalizing and improving both academic and non-academic operations of the institution. IQAD is also responsible for ensuring that Botho University complies with all regulatory requirements of running a University.

Library, Teaching and Research Excellence Department (LTRE)

Botho University considers effective learning and teaching as a key indicator of quality and has set up the LTRE department under the Office of Quality Management (OQM). The mandate of the department is to ensure that lecturers and students get the support that they need to ensure quality learning. LTRE has been instrumental in improving staff teaching skills through targeted trainings and best practice sharing. The department also conducts relevant trainings for students to help them avail themselves of the learning experience offered at Botho University. LTRE monitors teaching quality using the Botho Teaching Performance Index (TPI) which is a composite index of multiple measures of instructional quality. The department also works closely with the faculties and other internal departments to ensure that teaching and learning resources are adequate and functional in all Botho University campuses.