Certificate Level 3 in Web Designing

Mode of Study

Campus Learning


The certificate in Web Designing is a one year, Level 2 programme at Botho University. The students enrolled in this programme will be privileged to be part of an e-Government initiative. There are two semesters in the programme, out of which the students will be expected to do an internship (Industrial training) in the second semester.

The students enrolled in this programme will acquire knowledge on the basics of Internet applications and design principles to produce effective Websites. Topics covered in this programme include terminology, theory and processes from concept to completion, fundamentals of typography and scripting languages.

Upon successful completion of this programme, the students will be acquainted with the knowledge and technologies to produce a dynamic website using PHP at the front end, and MySQL at the back end. These student graduates will be able to work in the various positions of IT industry such as Application developer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Database Administrator, Software Tester, among many other opportunities. Besides, the module on entrepreneurship will equip them with all the skills to be self-employed.

Programme details: The programme consists of core modules as listed below

Recommended full-time study path: 1 year

Year Sem Module Credits
Year 1 Sem 1 C3 - HTE - 15: HTML Essentials 20
C3 - CSE - 15: CSS Essentials 20
B3 - ENT - 15: Entrepreneurship 20
Sem 2 C3 - DWP - 15: Dynamic Website Creation using PHP 20
C3 - DWM - 15: Dynamic Website Creation using MySQL 20
C3 - PPR - 15: Professional Practice 20

Admission Criteria:

Junior Secondary school leaving certificate such as JCE or equivalent. Mature Age entry criteria: Candidates above 20 years with at least 5 years of work experience, of which at least 2 years must be at Level 2 equivalent may be considered under mature entry criteria