Botho University’s Faculty of Business and Accounting recently hosted a research conference under the theme ‘Towards a Diversified and Sustainable Economic Transformation; Integrating Technology, Entrepreneurship and Business Solutions’. The event, held on the 23rd October 2018, was graced by academic researchers from different higher education institutions, who presented their research papers for academic interaction and social networking.

Guest speaker Dr. L. Seru of the University of Botswana presented a paper titled Thrusting Economic Growth and Development through Research: the Case of the Majority World. Professor Joel Magogwe, also of the University of Botswana, delivered the keynote address titled Re-examining My Academic Research and Publication Productivity. Keynote presentations were made by the sponsors including Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and Phoenix Assurance Group. BU Vice Chancellor Mrs Sheila Raja Ram delivered the welcome note for the conference.

A panel discussed sub-themes, resonating with the main theme of the conference, such as overview of start-up intentions and challenges among Batswana youth, schemes available to Batswana in the context of entrepreneurial orientation, overview of an enabling environment for youth businesses in Botswana, impact of technological orientation on youth business in Botswana. To what extent does entrepreneurship education in Botswana vocational and tertiary institutions translate into value added enterprise? What advice could be given to policy makers and other stakeholders in relation to the competitiveness of youth enterprise in Botswana? What are the challenges associated with incubation implementation in Vocational and Tertiary institutions in emerging economies.

Panellists included Professor Joel Magogwe of the University of Botswana, Dr Evans Agolla and Dr. Godson Gatsha of the Botswana Open University, Dr. Douglas Chiguvi of Ba Isago University, Professor Useh, Dean Faculty of Education and Health, Botho University and Dr Olumide Jaiyeoba of Faculty of Business and Accounting, Botho University. The panel discussion was moderated by Mr Robert Machera (Dean : Faculty of Business and Accounting).


From the presentations, as audience engagement, the consensus was that the entrepreneurial education and/or curriculum content of entrepreneurial programmes need to be refined and revised for adequacy and relevance. Need for industry engagement also emerged as key towards emboldening the spirit of entrepreneurial self-efficacy and attitude, qualities inextricably linked to entrepreneurial intentions and behaviour. These qualities are needed to help realise Botswana’s aspirations of a knowledge based economy, especially in a society in which the youth constitute 60% of the population.

Other research areas scholars presented papers on included Antecedents of Entrepreneurial Intention among Tertiary Students: the case of Botswana, Nexus of External Antecedents and Market Orientation among Small Service Firms in Botswana, Dynamics of Firm Growth, Size and Liquidity: Constraints for Botswana Listed firms, Financial literacy and Practices: Case of entrepreneurs in the informal Economic sector of Botswana, Economic sustainability of Grid Connected Roof Mounted Solar Systems, Impediments and Evolution of Derivatives in Sub Saharan Africa, Critical success Factors in Customer relationship Management strategy in Local Government areas in Zimbabwe, Shift from Traditional Accounting to Cloud Accounting, Stock market liquidity, Firm Performance and Investment Dynamics: Evidence form Botswana Listed Companies, Antecedents of Small Firms Entrepreneurial Intentions and Incubation among the Youth in Botswana and Risks: Avoidable, Negligible and Occurrence on Selected Projects.

Sponsors that graced the scholarly event include Sefalana Group, First Capital Bank, Broadway Toyota and Stanbic Bank.